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Happy Birthday GNL

Over 600 programs later, Girls Nite Live commemorates two years in business.

Girls Nite Live is officially 2 years old this week. We have worked hard to continue our mission of bringing women together. 

Our mantra is, “By showing up today for yourself and unplugging from the world, you’re taking the time to GROW, LAUGH AND LEARN.”

By joining the GNL community together we support these amazing women sharing their talents. 

#Womenchangetheworld  #Strongertogether  #GNL 

Together we have welcomed countless women with varying backgrounds from home based businesses to celebrities. We have all had the opportunity, during our live programming, to interact on a one on one basis with these amazing women from all over the world. 

We have been able to support this platform through women-owned businesses on our GNL marketplace, bookstore, and Live Shopping segments, as well as through numerous partnerships and sponsorships. 

A message from our founder:

Working and connecting with such amazing women over the last twenty-four months has been an honor. Two years ago, when we were locked in our homes, we witnessed the deep need for human connection. The creation of GNL provided an open space for that connection, where all women are welcome, embraced, and can truly relax.

Leading a community that embodies the message “women are stronger together” is a privilege. GNL has brought together such remarkable women whose primary desire is to connect and share. We don’t live with a “MINE” mentality, but rather, an “OURS” mentality. We show the world when people live with open hearts; we are more alike than different.

Week after week, knowledge, gifts, and talents are shared. Each day real “live” communication connects women worldwide.

Since March 2020, we’ve pushed much-needed positivity out into the world as a community. If you leave with a smile and your battery recharged, we have done our job. The GNL Team couldn’t be prouder of getting to know all of you. You always hear us say this, and we sincerely mean it:

Welcome to the GNL Community. We are so happy you are here!

Here’s to our next amazing journey around the sun.

Shelly Fisher 

Once again, a lot has changed over the past year at Girls Nite Live (GNL). We have grown to places we could have never imagined. So, here’s to all of the spectacular women who have gotten us through this year. Thank you, all of you. We look forward to seeing you at our birthday party with baker Emily Friend & Chickologist Rachael Robbins as we publicly launch our GNL Specialty Cocktail!