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Fruit Pies

Nothing says comfort like the aroma of freshly-baked fruit pie; its buttery crust and sweet fruit filling will satisfy any cravings. Some of the most popular fruit pies include blueberry, peach, cherry, apple, lemon meringue, banana, and kiwi varieties, each boasting a distinct taste and character! There is undoubtedly one perfect pie for everyone’s taste; this blog will explore some of our favorites, from blueberry to kiwi.  

Apple Pie

Is there anything more comforting than the smell of freshly baked apple pie? Few things can match the warmth and nostalgia of a slice of this classic dessert. To create this sweet treat, slice up some fresh apples, mix them with sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and pour them into a prepared pie crust. For that perfect finishing touch, top with a lattice or crumb topping before baking to a glorious golden brown. Once cooled, it’s time to indulge in a slice of this delicious pie! And remember to serve it a la mode with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and your favorite warm beverage. It’s the perfect comfort food for any special event! Apple pie recipes are all over the web, but we highly recommend this Apple Pie recipe from the NY Times.

Cherry Pie

Cherry pies are an irresistibly classic dessert that never goes out of fashion. Combine cherries, sugar, cornstarch, and almond extracts for an easy cherry pie recipe before pouring it into a pre-baked pie crust and baking until bubbling and golden brown. 

With its vibrant red filling bursting with fruity flavor and the perfect flaky crust, it’s no wonder it remains an iconic go-to for many diners. Whether you prefer it a little gooier and sweeter or tarter, depending on the cherries used, one thing is sure: cherry pie holds a special place in our hearts. So, get ready to impress your friends and family with a homemade cherry pie that’s sure to impress!

Sally’sBakingAddiction has this delicious recipe for you to try.

Blueberry Pie 

Blueberries have been enjoyed in America since early settlers arrived. They are one of the healthiest fruits on the market because they are rich in antioxidants. Since blueberries are so abundant in Maine, blueberry pies are the state’s official dessert! 

Blueberry pies are an intoxicating summer favorite with deep, vibrant colors and juicy filling. To make one yourself, start by crafting a flaky pie crust and mixing fresh blueberries with sugar, flour, lemon juice, and salt before pouring the mixture into it and baking until golden brown – you can enjoy this treat by itself or pair it with vanilla ice cream for the whole experience.

Try this Old Fashioned Blueberry Pie recipe from Food & Wine for a delicious treat.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie, Florida’s official state pie was not, as often claimed, first made there. Instead, it is thought that key lime pie actually originated in 1931 in a commercial kitchen in New York from a recipe published in a promotional brochure by Bordens for their Eagle Brand condensed milk. Here is their Classic Key Lime Pie recipe.

Lemon Meringue Pie: 

Love lemons? Here’s a dessert that’ll tantalize your taste buds: lemon meringue pie! Start crafting your flaky crust, then mix up a delicious filling of egg yolks, sugar, cornstarch, tangy lemon juice, and butter. Pour the mixture into the pie crust and top it off with fluffy egg white meringue. This yummy treat will become a beautiful golden-brown hue as it slowly bakes in the oven. After it cools in the fridge, grab a slice and savor the perfect balance of tart and sweet – your taste buds will thank you!

Banana Cream Pie: 

Are you looking for an indulgent dessert to serve at your next gathering or special event? Look no further than delicious banana cream pie! To make this classic dessert, start by creating a graham cracker crust. Then, whip up a sweet mixture of chopped bananas, sugar, flour, and vanilla layered on top of creamy vanilla pudding. Finally, add a generous layer of whipped cream and chill before serving to enjoy its divine flavors and textures!

Kiwi Pie: 

Have you tried Kiwi Pie? It’s a fun and refreshing twist on a time-honored dessert that is perfect for summertime! All you need is some juicy kiwi fruit, sugar, cornstarch, and salt combined and poured into an unbaked pie crust with a crumbly or lattice top. Bake until it reaches a gorgeous golden hue, then serve it chilled with fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream for a burst of flavor. Go ahead and impress your taste buds with this fruity flourish!

Fruit pies are an iconic dessert that conjures images of lazy summer days, family gatherings, and holidays. From lemon meringue with its tart lemon kick to apple pie’s sweet-tart flavors – there’s sure to be one for every palate – homemade or bought at a bakery, fruit pies are an everlasting comfort food that never goes out of style – grab your ingredients now and bake yourself into dessert heaven.

And don’t forget about creating the perfect base for your pie with a crust. Let Girls Nite Live’s Madalaine McDaniel be your guide! Whether you’re making a delicious fruit-filled dessert or a savory quiche, Madalaine’s secrets and techniques will have you making perfectly flaky and tasty crusts in no time. She’ll explain why your butter or fat must be ice cold and why you must chill your dough before rolling it. And, of course, let’s remember the importance of a floured surface for rolling. So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to anything pre-made, and hello to the perfect homemade pie crust!

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Another excellent summer hostess dessert is a fruit cobbler. 

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We hope you enjoy these fabulous summer desserts.

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