Food and Drink

Food & Drink Workshop Presenters

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Adele Saccareli-Cavallaro:
Homemade Gnocchi & Time Management in the Kitchen
Amanda Downing Salas:
Easy Grilling Tips & Fall Off the Bone Ribs
Annabel Cohen:
Learn to Make the Ultimate Summer Salads
Alex Jump:
Home Bar Basics & The Perfect Gin Fizz
Amber Santor: Happy Hour
Chef Andrea Rivera: Heirloom Tomato Tart Cooking Class and Wine Pairing
Ashley Hupp:
Mix Delicious Tropical Cocktails Live From Hawaii
Bald Birds Brewery: Hops to Hand How Your Beer is Made and Brewery Tour
Coralene Franklin: Family Style Cooking
Chef Kayla Robison: Easy 30 Minute Pistachio Pesto Penne & Chicken Dinner
Chrishon Lampley: The Stories Behind Your Wine with Love Cork Screw Founder
Christine Barbe: Learn How Grapes Turn to Wine
Christine Wansleben: Caribbean Grilling
Coly Haan: Natural Wines 101
Damaris Oliveras: Island Inspired Summer Snacks
Danielle Bennett: Learn to Make the Award Winning Diva Q BBQ Ribs
Drunken Fruit: The Perfect Ingredient for the Perfect Party
Elizabeth Karmel: Steak 101 How to Select & Grill the Best Steak
Jen Bradshaw: The Perfect Margarita
Jill Weber: Ancient Worlds, Modern Wines
Judy Ni: Let’s Talk Sustainability & Make Potstickers
Julia Birnbaum: Cheese From Around the World
Kaitlin Decker: Cookie Decorating
Karen Tomasello: Antipasto Platter & Wine Pairing
Karen Tomasello + Chef Pino: The Perfect Pizza Dough
Katherine Sprung: Learn to Make Whoopie Pies
Kathy Wolper: Kid-Friendly Ocean Themed Dessert
Katrina Adams: Seasonal Apple Desserts
Kim Battle: Perfect Candy Apples
Kirstynn Evans: The Magic of Macaron Fillings
Krista Jenkins: Bartending 101
Lateefah Curtis: Seasonal Cocktails
Lauren Cohen: Mindful Eating
Lauren Paylor: Home Bar Basics & The Perfect Gin Fizz
Linda + Cynthia Barragan: Create Your Own Sopes
Lisa Armosky: Learn to Make Two Ingredient Ice Cream (Ages 3+)
Lois Caplan: Napkin Folds for Entertaining
Mac Mart: Elevate Your Mac ‘n Cheese
Máiréad O’Driscoll: Irish Scones (Live From Ireland)
Michele Alwine: Spring Wine Tasting
Natalie Migliarini: Stylish Cocktails to Make at Home
Nikki Davidson: How to Elevate Your At Home Cocktails
Robyn Lindars: Grilling 101 & Perfect BBQ Chicken
Sabra Ricci: Baked Ziti & Pesto Cooking Class
Saleema Curtis: Healthy Summer Smoothies
Seacrets: Happy Hour & Distillery Tour
Serena Zelezny: How To Decode Wine Lingo
Tova Du Plessis: Black & White Cookie Baking Class
Rachel Robbins: A Twist on Classic Moscow Mules
Tina Ostergaard: Halloween Cocktails at Monstergaard Manor