Find Out What Your Pet is Thinking?

Find Out What Your Pet is Thinking?


Monday, June 6, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Eastern
(6:00 pm Central // 4:00 pm Pacific)

Hurry up and reserve your spot for this exclusive opportunity to work one on one with pet communicator, Claudia Hehr. What you will learn is exactly what your pet is thinking and how your pet is feeling. 

These exclusive 6 reserved seats are on a first registered and paid basis. The cost per person is $55 for your individual personalized pet communicator reading.

  • This workshop will not be open to public viewing. 
  • Cost per person per pet is $55
  • No cancellation and no refunds 

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About the program leader: 

Claudia Hehr is an expert in the field of animal communication. She truly is the Voice of and for the animals. Claudia and her work are recognized worldwide. She has appeared on numerous television networks such as the Discovery Channel, has been profiled on international radio broadcasts, newspapers and magazines, the internet, podcasts, and has also been the featured expert at many  events. Clients from all around the wold consult with her to communicate  with their animal companions and learning form Claudia not just how to communicate WITH but also TO animals – an art that not many people are familiar with – and with her knowledge Claudia change many lives, humans and animal forever. Claudia is also the author of several books.