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Gourmet Candy Workshop

Kim Battles, owner of Kandy Apples by K in Raleigh, NC, will delight your sweet tooth in this interactive workshop. Come learn all the tips and tricks of making the perfect caramel apple as well as the multiple toppings that can be used to decorate them. Then Kim will also teach us the art of making chocolate-covered marshmallows and the many topping options.


21 Days to Manifesting the Love you Deserve

Do you feel ready to attract love into your life? Using the power of your mind can help you to draw in your perfect partner. Join this 21- day challenge introducing you to the tools you will need to manifest love. In this three-part series, you will be guided on a manifesting adventure to address all of the things that could be holding you back from receiving love. After 21 days you will have a new and recharged energy that will manifest and draw love into your life.

TLC’s Christina Manning in this final workshop will show you how to manifest the love you deserve. In this last workshop, Christina will teach you about vipassana and will guide you through the process to release any fears that you have when it comes to love.

$35.00 – $99.00

SOLD OUT: Halloween Tablescaping Featuring No-Carve Pumpkins

Make Every Day an Event blogger, Annemarie Schumacher, will share the perfect Halloween tablescaping featuring no-carve pumpkins. Create spooktacular scenes in your home with this budget friendly decorating project. As a centerpiece on your dining table or perfect as an accent piece in your entryway, these no-carve pumpkins will be sure to welcome your trick or treaters.


Baker Bettie’s Ultimate Pumpkin Pie

Join Chef Kristin "Baker Bettie" Hoffman for this virtual class on making the ultimate pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! She will walk you through how to make the flakiest pie crust from scratch and how to use it to make the Ultimate Pumpkin Pie complete with a beautifully decorated crust. She will also show you how to make sugared cranberries and rosemary to elevate the look of your pie even more! This pie will steal the show at your Thanksgiving table!


Tricks to Improve Your Communication Skills

Cynthia Kane will be sharing tricks to improve your communication skills. In this
workshop, you will learn how to upgrade your communication skills. You will also learn
how to better communicate with difficult people in your life.


Set a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table

Join us to learn how to set a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table. This workshop will be led by Annemarie Shumacher, co-founder of Make Every Day an Event.  


Aromatherapy For Your Home!

Come join this workshop where you will learn how to utilize natural forms of aromatherapy in your home. This can be especially beneficial during the holiday season and can ensure that your home has great energy! Ava Adames, Founder of Violets In Bloom will discuss the importance of creating a scented atmosphere through candles, essential oils, and specific florals and herbs. All of these different aromatherapies are useful in setting a balanced and energized tone throughout your home. Ava will also be teaching the art of burning sage, known as aromatherapy sage smudging. The art of sage smudging can help to detoxify any environment whether it be your home or workplace, as well as to help raise your spirits during the holiday season or anytime of the year that you feel challenged. 


Holiday Dinner Cooking Class

Learn to create a Thanksgiving Feast from store to table with nationally acclaimed food blogger, Madalaine McDaniel of Lakeside Table. During this two hour workshop, Madalaine will guide you through the shopping list, will demonstrate each unique recipe as well as showing you the finished product of this Thanksgiving Feast. 


SOLD OUT: Breathwork and Meditation to Eliminate Your Stress

Sharmila Uviavar will teach you breathwork and meditation to eliminate your stress. Learn how to use your breath to instantly get rid of stress and manage your emotions - right from your own home. Furthermore these breathing exercises and meditation will boost your health and immunity as well as giving you a calmer and clearer mind.


Hot Chocolate Bombs Filled with Mini Conchitas

The Conchas Queen (Diana Ayala) is going to teach you how to make quick and easy hot chocolate bombs filled with mini conchitas. The Conchas Queen will then show you the tips & tricks to put together the hot chocolate spheres filled with the mini conchitas. This is a fun treat for kids and adults and is perfect for parties and celebrations. Everyone will enjoy a surprise as the hot chocolate bombs melt and the mini conchitas and treats pop out!


Manifesting Intention Circle

Spiritual coach and TLC star Christina Manning will create an intention circle with you.  This circle is a powerful tool for manifesting desires. Along with others in the workshop, you will have an opportunity to “stand in the middle” of the circle and share your intention. As you do this, Christina will teach you how the process will allow you to help others with their intentions, and help yourself with your own intentions by amplifying your power with the power of the circle.


True Crime Stories by Criminologist & Psychic Medium Crystal Corl

Join us for this tantalizing workshop where Crystal Corl, criminologist, medium and podcast host, will share her stories of investigating and helping law enforcement to solve crimes. Throughout this workshop, criminologist and psychic medium Crystal Corl will explain the criminal investigation process and the role of mediums in solving crimes. Crystal Corl is also the creator and host of True Crime Podcast, The Visitation. 

Free – $5.00