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Pinterest Perfect Pantry

Join Jen Martin for some tips about how to organize and create a Pinterest perfect pantry in your home. If  you have ever wondered what exactly to do with everything you own, this is definitely the workshop for you. Jen’s website Reset Your Nest reveals that organization can be beautiful throughout your home.


Grilled Chicken Summer Salad

Chef Jaz has the perfect grilled chicken summer salad. With avocado, strawberries and blueberries it is a light summer meal that can be dressed up for any event or served as a side for picnics and BBQs. This recipe is healthy and delicious, it's also low carb, keto diet friendly and easy to prepare.


5 Habits for Happiness

Happiness is a choice that you can develop with Francesca Phillips’ 5 habits for happiness. Her goal is to share with you plain truths and simple tools to help you accelerate and enjoy a more balanced and present life. By following these truths and tools, you will build a happiness mindset and A Good Space that has room for happiness in your life. 


Crochet for Beginners

Colleen Downey will lead you in an interactive crochet for beginners workshop. You will start with learning how to make a simple granny square. This technique is one of the foundations of crochet.


The Fishtown Pickle Project

Pickling is an ancient method of preserving foods, and the Fishtown Pickle Project created a unique and delicious version of pickles using only locally grown cucumbers and pickling spices. Niki Toscani, co-founder of the Fishtown Pickle Project, will share her vast knowledge about small-batch pickling, preserving, and canning, as well as how to run a small business in the City of Philadelphia.


Double Chocolate Brownies

Learn to make double chocolate brownies with GNL Ambassador Madalaine McDaniel of Lakeside Table. These brownies are a rich, chewy and fudgy play on the traditional favorite, and are guaranteed to be a hit with friends and family. Madalaine will share with you the #1 BEST baking tool under $15, and the 2nd most important tool under $5. In addition, learn the best tips to troubleshoot the most common brownie baking mishaps and how to prevent them.


Working With Crystal Shapes

GNL Ambassador and expert in crystal energy, Ava Adames, will show you how to use crystals and their shapes to help guide you through life. Learn about the different crystal shapes, their effects, and how to use them in your home, for specific projects, to connect with different emotions and to help you on your path to self discovery.


Relieving Stress Through Art

Join Art Therapist Erica Pang for an art therapy workshop that shows how to relieve stress through art. Following a group meditation, Erica will lead a guided, step-by-step group art therapy workshop. Draw and color your way to a happier and calmer life as you discover the art that comes naturally to you. No art experience is required to participate.


Perfect Pie Crust

Madalaine McDaniel is going to teach you the secrets & techniques of the perfect homemade pie crust. Learn all the tips & tricks for a flakier and tastier result than anything pre-made. Madalaine will explain why your butter/fat must be ice cold, your dough must be chilled and your surface for rolling must be floured. The perfect pie crust can be used for sweet or savory dishes. They can be fruit filled, vegetable filled, fowl, meat or seafood filled as well as utilized for the perfect quiche. 


SOLD OUT “Mex It Up” Make Beef Tostadas

Lilo Vargas, owner of Huenovalife will show you how to prepare tostadas de tinga con carne molida (tinga toast with ground beef), a delicious, healthy and easy recipe to make.

Interactive Workshop


SOLD OUT! Tarot Card Readings by TLC Star Christina Manning

Spiritual coach and TLC star Christina Manning will read the first 12 people to sign up. Each person will be allowed to ask one question (this usually takes about 5 minutes). So let’s get those questions ready and find out what the future holds!

Interactive Workshop


Live From The UK🇬🇧:
Meditation and Poetry

Poet Pranjulaa Singh will show you how meditation is a very powerful and effective tool to use for self expression through poetry. This workshop will begin with a meditation followed by the opportunity for you to write an original poem.