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Honoring Alopecia and Breast Cancer Awareness Months


Wednesday, September 21, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Eastern
(6:00 pm Central // 4:00 pm Pacific)

Workshop Description:

Honoring Alopecia and Breast Cancer Awareness Months, we will be interacting and sharing hair stories, testimonials of being hair to hair free. “Honoring our Crown” entails paying attention and giving grace to the crown (head) which holds our thoughts, memories, ideas and experiences. In this workshop, we will uplift and re-language our words that have negative stigmas into positive healing messages. Our hair is not our FEMININITY, we proclaim our beauty is deeper than our skin.

In this workshop, we will have an “authentic and difficult conversation” tapping into our super powers.

We reconnect and ignite with: 

  • Our self love and hair freedom
  • Identity peeling back layers of beauty deeper than skin 
  • Soft feminine “PowHer” 

Donate to Aleathia Brown’s Charity, Unveiled Unlocked

Send a photo of you in your Super Power Pose to our instagram:                                    



Bring open minds, fantastic stories, recipes for emotional wellness, revelations

About the program leader: 

Aleathia Brown is a native of both Harlem and The Bronx. She earned her BFA in Media Arts & Arts Education, with a minor in Graphic Design. In 2018, Aleathia participated in the Works on Paper exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery in East London and performed at the Poetry Society in Covent Garden. After returning to the United States, she began creating new works on burlap. Aleathia’s live recorded audio and video, “He was Dating my Hair,” was performed at the Bronx Museum of Art. It has been archived in another version at the City Hall of Records archival department as an Official New York Story. Her revised version was featured on The Moth Radio Hour, podcast, and website in November 2018. UNINTERRUPTED a retrospective on display at the El Taller Latino Americano Gallery in early 2020, was a celebration of Aleathia Brown’s journey of 53 years of making art. The display included works on paper, burlap, and mixed medium.