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Aromatherapy For Your Home!


Thursday, November 10, 2022
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm Eastern
(7:00 pm Central // 5:00 pm Pacific)

Come join this workshop where you will learn how to utilize natural forms of aromatherapy in your home. This can be especially beneficial during the holiday season and can ensure that your home has great energy! Ava Adames, Founder of Violets In Bloom will discuss the importance of creating a scented atmosphere through candles, essential oils, and specific florals and herbs. All of these different aromatherapies are useful in setting a balanced and energized tone throughout your home. Ava will also be teaching the art of burning sage, known as aromatherapy sage smudging. The art of sage smudging can help to detoxify any environment whether it be your home or workplace, as well as to help raise your spirits during the holiday season or anytime of the year that you feel challenged. 

What will you learn: 

  • What scents, essential oils, and botanicals work best together
  • Where to place these natural aromatics
  • How to safely include sage in your aromatherapy practice
About the program leader: 

Ava Adames, of Philadelphia, PA  is the founder of Violets in Bloom, a crystal mineral boutique and healing & holistic studio. She is also the founder of Alchemic Wellness, an online platform that provides workshops, retreats, and courses. Ava is passionate about spiritual energy and healing methods that connect people to their highest selves. Ava holds a Master’s Degree in kinesiology, is a board-certified health and wellness coach with training in various healing modalities, and has certifications in pilates, yoga, and meditation. Ava worked extensively in corporate wellness as a health coach before deciding to work full-time in her private holistic practice. Within her primary wellness practice, she utilizes the combination of Usui Reiki and the laying of stones. As a Usui Reiki practitioner and Melody Master Crystalogist Ava provides a safe and nurturing environment.