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 Educational & Motivational Workshop Presenters

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Alexa Curtis: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Ally Esposito: Finding Your Voice as a Woman in Sports
Angela Meryl: Setting Goals for Success
Ari Chambers: Being Unapologetically You
Barbara Linn Probst: How to Launch and Promote Your Book
Brittany Cole: Thriving Through Loss with Real Resilience
Carlee Myers: Maintaining Positivity
Carmelia Ray: Do’s and Don’ts of Love
Cassandra Bolding: The Intersection of COVID-19 & Social Injustice
Christie Stratos: Get Creative and Start Writing
Christine Barger: Ventriloquism 101
Cynthia Medina Carson: How to Take Control of Your Career
Deirdre Dix Hunt: Refresh Your Brand
Deonna Wolf: My Journey To Becoming an NFL Cheerleader
Destini Kulik: Behavioral Changes for Better Health
Domonique Townsend: Permission to Pivot
Dr. Jen Welter: Shattering Glass Ceilings with Former Arizona Cardinals Coach
An Evening with Eileen Davidson
An Honest Talk with Ernie Hudson Star of “Ghostbusters” & “Grace and Frankie”
Grace: Learn DIY GarageBand & Digital Music Making (For Kids)
Happy Heart-Happy Home Animal Rescue: Find Your Strength
Jennifer King: Important Moments & Lessons with Washington Football Team Coach
Jennifer Smith Turner: How to Write Your Debut Novel 101
Jill Smolowe: Life as a Writer & Helpful Tips
Jo Ivester: Discussing Once a Girl, Always a Boy & LGBTQ+ Advocacy
Jodi Silverman: How to Thrive In Empty Nest
“Hey Diddily Dee, An Actor’s Life For Me An Evening with Joe Mantegna
Kati Jazz Gray Sadler: A Conversation About Racism
Leslie McGuirk: The Hows and Whys of Astrology
Linda Barlaam: How to Organize Your Kitchen with Professional Organizer
Ask Lisa! How She Bounced Back and Created Her Best Life with PHL17 Star Lisa Bien
Lisa Larson: How to Improve Your Credit Score
Opportunity Through Commitment & Hard Work with Coach Lori Locust of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Michelle Dashiell: Design Mistakes to Avoid
Molly Godfrey: Reconnect to Your Feminine Nature
An Evening with Nia Peeples
Philabundance: Food Insecurity and the Pandemic
Rob Hyman of The Hooters: Forty Years of Pop Music Adventures
An Evening with Sally Struthers
Susan Campbell: The World’s First Ronald McDonald House
Sophia Esquivel: How to Discover and Earn From Your Gift
Stephanie McCullough: Achieving Financial Stability, Freedom, and Security
Taiia Smart Young: Love You, Mean It A Self Love x Journaling
Tammi Leader Fuller: Build Your Legacy Through Journaling
Tedi & Sonya Serge: Girl Powerful, How to Raise Confident Girls
Terry Hoffmann: Learn to Survive and Thrive During the Pandemic
An Evening with Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galactica
Vavara Lepchenko: Traveling & Competing on the Tennis Circuit
Wendy Ellin: Your Success in Under Your Mess
Yola Robert: Podcasting 101