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Without further ado, Girls Nite Live presents a list of our favorite, women-owned, sustainable companies committed to protecting the Earth… while also creating great products!

Sustainable Fashion & Beauty

Kara Mac Shoes

Founder: Kara Mac

The revolutionary system at Kara Mac omeShoes allows shoppers to lighten their carbon footprint by simply needing fewer shoes! Each shoe is completely customizable, with swappable heel coverings and straps to go with any outfit. Click here to shop!


Founders: Lauren and Cayla

Knickey is a sustainable underwear brand that uses Fair Trade certified factories and certified, organic cotton to produce their products. In doing so, they produce only a quarter of the environmental impact that companies using conventional cotton create. To top it all off, Knickey also has a recycling program so you can keep your old underwear out of landfills. 


Founder: Jackie Stauffer

RECESS produces biodegradable face, body, and hair care products that are perfect for humans on the go, because they are wipes that will fit right into your bag, pocket, or purse! Dermatologist-approved, vegan, and cruelty-free, their products include deodorant wipes, face cleansing wipes, hair blotters, and more. 

Majamas Earth

Founder: Germaine Caprio

Produced and sewn in the USA, the clothing at Majamas Earth is made from organic cotton and sustainable fabrics. They have collections for men, women, maternity, and babies. They rightfully preach the idea of caring about what you wear, given that the fashion industry produces 10% of the global CO2 emissions each year. 


Founder: Priscilla Tsai

Cocokind prides itself on being a plant-powered, sustainable, and affordable beauty brand. On their packaging, they not only include an ingredients list, but also sustainability facts that break down a product’s carbon footprint and tell you how to recycle each container. A refreshingly transparent beauty brand, Cocokind recognizes the never-ending battle that is the mission to become a more sustainable company. 

Sustainable Substitutions for the Home (and more!)

Package Free

Founder: Lauren Singer

Did you know that the average American person produces 4.4 lbs of waste every day? Package Free offers a bounty of products— from toothbrushes, dishcloths, pencils, utensils— to help you get closer to achieving zero waste, all while shipping items to your home plastic-free.


Founders: Lauren Simonelli and Joe Budzienski

ThreeMain produces 100% non-toxic cleaners, packaged in infinitely recyclable and reusable aluminum containers. They are also proud to carry 100% Organic New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls to eliminate plastics and toxins from the drying process entirely. Oh, and did we mention they’re carbon-neutral? Click here to learn more and here to shop!

Mother Compost 

Founder: Gwenn Nolan

Mother Compost provides easy access to composting for Philadelphia Mainline residents— delivering and collecting composting bins at your doorstep every other week. According to the EPA, food scraps and yard waste make up over 30 percent of our trash. By composting, you not only divert these materials from landfills “where they take up space and release methane,” but also create soil to help plants grow!


Founder: Justina Blakeney

A home decor company with colorful, creatively designed products (from plants to rugs to wallpaper to ceramics), Jungalow plants at least two trees for every product purchased. They use a water-efficient manufacturing process, and non-toxic finishes on all of their ceramics to protect all those new trees they’re planting!

For Purpose Kids

Founder: Misty Castañeda

For Purpose Kids is a subscription box service that aims to teach social good and inspire kindness in young children with educational Toolkits. They print on recycled paper and partner with companies such as the Eco Packaging Alliance and Yoobi in order to carry out their mission of making the world a better place and providing resources to children across the globe.