2020 was difficult for humankind as a collective, and that especially goes for parents and frontline workers. Chetna Singh is a mother of 3, and one of those heroes who helped us through the pandemic— and not just through her work as an ER Physician. Chetna is also the artist, designer and CEO behind one of Girls Nite Live’s most recognized women-owned brands: Chetna Singh Scarves.

“I definitely created some things during the pandemic that I would not have created otherwise,” Chetna tells us. “I saw so many people die [one] day, I came home and I needed to do something. So, I painted.”

“I felt like we were falling, but we had to fight more,” Chetna says.

Original Artwork by Chetna Singh

Chetna goes by many titles, and her role as an artist has helped her cope and make sense of the craziness of the world around her. 

“It’s my salvation,” Chetna says. “People meditate, I call art my meditation”

Chetna has had a passion for painting since she was in high school. But while going through med school, residencies, and raising her 3 kids, she only had the time for occasional doodles here and there. It wasn’t until around 8 years ago that she ideated and officially launched Chetna Singh Scarves: a place where she could bring her paintings directly from her easel into your closet. 

“It started by just putting the painting straight onto the scarf, but it’s evolved,” Chetna explains. “Sometimes I will duplicate an image or multiply some images, do borders, change colors somewhere…. There are scarves that have taken me a couple of days, and there are scarves that have taken me months.”

Mexico – Long Silk Scarf

Chetna finds inspiration for her scarves in many places— some are inspired by her travels across the globe, others by her love for horses, and more by her time growing up in India. The common denominator that each scarf has? Chetna’s pure love for the subject.

“I paint what I love. I know some things would sell a lot better than what I paint. But those things don’t give me joy,”
Chetna says. 

Chetna recommends that all working mothers find something that they love. Painting has brought her so much happiness and so much balance, that despite her busy schedule, it’s not stressful to paint, because she loves doing it. 

“If you really love to do something, it will give you joy, and it will help you decompress. A lot of the time, we’re [working mothers] are frustrated because we want to do everything and we can’t,” Chetna explains. “If you think there’s a good time to do something, [know] there isn’t. Just go and do it.”

To this point, Chetna gives us an example. She moved into her house in New Jersey 19 years ago, and the reason why they chose that location was because there were a lot of horse farms around, and Chetna has always loved horses. 

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride, so when we moved here, I was like, I’m going to learn how to ride,” she says. “Then the kids came. I never found the time.”

At least, not until last year. Now, she goes every week.

“Do what you love, that’s my advice.”

Orchid Horse – Square Silk Scarf

Next month, on May 28th, Chetna is excited to launch her newest line of art scarves, the Giverny Collection.  She tells us, “My new collection is inspired by my trip to Giverny, where Monet lived. It’s almost like a tribute to Monet and the place that he loved to paint.”

On April 28th, 2021, shop Chetna’s silk and cashmere art scarves live with Chetna on Girls Nite Live— click here to sign up