Let’s Chat: Monthly Friends Group

February 18, 2022

Join this new “Monthly Friends Group” and get to know your virtual neighbors in this private discussion about making new friends. Come chat with the Girls Nite Live family, meet someone new, and make new friends in 2022.Read more >

Self Defense with Rachel Piazza

February 4, 2022

Always wanted to learn self-defense? Come to this Let Chat with Rachael Piazza as featured in the New York Times.Read more >

Let’s Chat: How to Interpret Your Dreams

January 21, 2022

Did you have a strange dream last night? That’s not unusual. Every dream is noteworthy and may contain information you need to manifest your greatest…Read more >

Let’s Chat: Manifest The Love You Deserve

January 21, 2022

Spiritual coach Christina Manning returns to GNL to teach you how to use the power of manifesting to attract the love you desire and deserve.Read more >

Let’s Chat: Astrology & New Moons with Brilla Samay

January 21, 2022

We often hear much about New Moons. It seems like we always have them, so what is their actual meaning?Read more >

Let’s Chat: What’s Your Pet Thinking?

January 21, 2022

Do you ever wonder what your dog or cat is thinking? Bring your dog or cat to this exclusive chat and ask animal communicator, Claudia Hehr what Fido or Leo is thinking. Read more >

Let’s Chat: Diet Tips with Lana Davis

January 21, 2022

Get up close and personal, and get your diet, exercise and nutrition questions answered with personal trainer and nutritional specialist Lana Davis.Read more >

Let’s Chat: New Friends

January 21, 2022

Make new friends in 2022. Get to know your GNL community!Read more >

Let’s Chat: Journaling with Karla Baptiste

January 21, 2022

Karla Baptise will guide you through the powerful and therapeutic process of journaling. Read more >