Self-Care Journaling

Coming to you live from the UK, Ash Alves, author, certified life coach and founder of Warrior Reminder will share with you the practice of self care journaling. This is a personal practice of writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences every day. Your journal can be used for anything from reflection to creativity, and can enhance your life with inner peace and healing. Journaling is an opportunity for you to disconnect externally and reconnect internally. By taking time out to do some self-reflection, you get a chance to witness your thoughts and let go of anything that’s no longer serving you.

Wall Stamping 101 & Home Decor Secrets

Laurie Steinfeld, founder & owner of The Original Wall Stamp will present and demonstrate a variety of stamps and how you can use them on not just walls but on many other surfaces and even fabric!

Create a Beautiful Concha Bouquet

GNL Ambassador and owner of Dayala Treats will show you how to create beautiful concha bouquets using a variety of ribbon, wrapping paper, and deli paper. The result is a beautiful and delicious desert bouquet that can be used as a gift or centerpiece for a variety of occasions.

Hair Wash Day Reinvented

Reinvent your wash day hair care routine with LaToya Stirrup, co-founder of KAZMALEJE (cos-mol-o-gy), a company that creates innovative hair tools and accessories for the textured hair care market. Bring along your tools and follow along during the demo of your new hair care routine.

Learn How to Pour Resin

Alina Chaves, owner of Messin’ with Resin, will teach you how to craft wooden ocean coasters with resin. Throughout this workshop, Alina will keep talking about safety protocols when working with resin.

Relieving Stress Through Art

Join Art Therapist Erica Pang for an art therapy workshop that shows how to relieve stress through art. Following a group meditation, Erica will lead a guided, step-by-step group art therapy workshop. Draw and color your way to a happier and calmer life as you discover the art that comes naturally to you. No art experience is required to participate.

Working With Crystal Shapes


GNL Ambassador and expert in crystal energy, Ava Adames, will show you how to use crystals and their shapes to help guide you through life. Learn about the different crystal shapes, their effects, and how to use them in your home, for specific projects, to connect with different emotions and to help you on your path to self discovery.

Double Chocolate Brownies

Learn to make double chocolate brownies with GNL Ambassador Madalaine McDaniel of Lakeside Table. These brownies are a rich, chewy and fudgy play on the traditional favorite, and are guaranteed to be a hit with friends and family. Madalaine will share with you the #1 BEST baking tool under $15, and the 2nd most important tool under $5. In addition, learn the best tips to troubleshoot the most common brownie baking mishaps and how to prevent them.

Great 4th of July Party Ideas!

Annemarie Schumacher, award winning event planner and founder of the lifestyle blog, will walk you through five great, but simple and easy ideas for your 4th of July extravaganza! These ideas will make your celebration clever and fun for your family and friends. Annemarie’s entertaining and decorating ideas have recently been featured in MarthaStewart, Woman’s Day, and MyDomaine.

The Fishtown Pickle Project

Pickling is an ancient method of preserving foods, and the Fishtown Pickle Project created a unique and delicious version of pickles using only locally grown cucumbers and pickling spices. Niki Toscani, co-founder of the Fishtown Pickle Project, will share her vast knowledge about small-batch pickling, preserving, and canning, as well as how to run a small business in the City of Philadelphia.