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Establishing a healthy lifestyle is hard work. The general idea of healthy living is often interpreted as strict diets, intense workout schedules, and little to no downtime. By that definition, a “healthy lifestyle” is not only daunting to implement, but it is virtually impossible to maintain. 

In reality though, it is more than possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle on top of a busy schedule. Living healthy is very doable with a little discipline and routine, and when utilizing some of the following: setting goals, making lists, choosing healthy options when eating out, meal prepping, online workouts, and prioritizing sleep.

It is important to have self-compassion on this journey. In a Women’s Health Magazine article, writers Robin Hilmantel and Korin Miller share a list of tips to live in a healthier, happier way. They encourage finding workouts you actually enjoy doing, making conscious decisions about your eating and drinking habits, and avoiding extreme dieting.

One of Girls Nite Live’s health and wellness experts Skylar Marcoux agrees. 

Former college athlete turned Concierge Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Skylar has had healthy living at the forefront of her life for as long as she can remember. Her relationship with a healthy lifestyle has grown with her.

“It has been an organic change as I have continued to grow,” Skylar says. “My parents played a big role in helping me understand what a healthy lifestyle is and which routines to establish.”

Skylar owes her success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to self discipline and avoiding excuses. 

“It’s not easy to do,” she says. “You have to have a lot of patience because it’s frustrating to not see change right away.” 

But starting small can help kickstart your development of these habits.

“It might be something as simple as drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up every morning for a week and noticing how you feel,” Skylar says. “If the thing you pick helps you feel better, keep doing it and build on it; see how you can challenge yourself moving forwards.”

But a healthy lifestyle is not just staying active and eating healthy; it is about recovery as well.

Recovery time is incredibly important to fuel you through your day and help you maintain your lifestyle. One of the ways that Skylar sees people fall short in their recovery is not prioritizing enough sleep. Replacing sleep with a workout is never the correct move.

“It’s not sustainable because you’ll just be more tired,” she says.

Skylar also emphasizes balance as a key part to a healthy lifestyle. Eating a variety of colors, being mindful and purposeful in your diet, and establishing a schedule for moving throughout the day — whether that is a workout or just a walk — are just a few ways to create balance.

Accountability is also an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. According to Skylar, one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is by utilizing your social life and the community around you. 

“It’s important to create a community around something you enjoy,“ Skylar says. “I thought [having a social life] was more of a privilege growing up, but it’s also a really important part of your mental health and psyche.”

Whether you rely on a partner, family member, or online community, the journey to getting healthy is always easier when you have people to hold you accountable. 

With a community, a little balance, and a game plan for creating healthy habits, establishing a healthy lifestyle along with  a busy schedule is possible. But, remember to start small and, above all else, enjoy it.

We all start somewhere, so why not here and now?