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Photo by Shirish Suwal on Unsplash

“For women, by women.” At GNL, that’s not just a catchphrase that we love to say; it’s a way of life. 

“We know from research that growth is actually contagious, so if you want to reach your goals, you’ve got to get around people that are going in the same direction you want to be going, and you will catch the success.” -Henry Cloud.

As the only platform with daily programming made for women, by women, we have found that growth is indeed contagious. 

Since launching, GNL has expanded to host Live Shopping events, making it possible for women-led businesses to reach a larger audience, and drive and increase their sales and brand exposure… but, in reality, that is only the tip of the iceberg. 

“GNL helped me gain recognition for my business, while also allowing me to step out of my comfort zone and speak in front of strangers. I am so thankful for the women who helped and prepped me for the live Zoom.” – Jules Moskowitz, Founder of Unfolded Shop

Forming your brand narrative is perhaps the most important step in launching your business. According to an article in Forbes, “building your strategic brand narrative is foundational to your success, almost a parallel path with your technology, product or service build” (Hanlon). 

People do not connect to products so much as they connect to stories. By presenting your narrative to an audience, you’re providing them with an invitation to not just come into your store, but also your life. The power of brand narratives and even more so, personal narratives are arguably stronger now more than ever— after a year of masks and quarantine, people are craving connection. Personal stories that speak to shared truths are the quickest route to achieving that connection. 


“90% of our purchasing decisions are influenced by emotions. So, It’s very critical to engage with buyers online” (Linkedin). 

At Girls Nite Live, we help businesses incorporate their stories into their brands to not only shape how they are perceived by a larger audience, but also form emotional connections with that audience. When that happens, success stories happen.

“We held a live event with GNL and it was posted on their Instagram, FB and their marketplace. Shortly after we held the event, a woman called me to explain she watched the recorded event on Facebook and realized we were the perfect solution to her business needs… [and] she signed up as an Aspiring Entrepreneur to take her business to the next level. This was a direct result from the exposure we gained through the GNL platform.” -Kat Friedman and Sam Heyer, Founders of Habitats by Kat

The cherry on top? Everything is made for women, by women. 

“GNL is such a strong, fun community of women that support each other. And what is better than that? Absolutely nothing.” – Kym Gold, Founder of Style Union Home.

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