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Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Humans are a resilient species, capable of amazing things. We turn thoughts into ideas, and  manifest those ideas into reality. But the process of actualizing our goals does not come easily: it requires a bit of magic.

With the state of the world still under the thumb of the big C (COVID), magic has found its way into the mainstream, and as a professional health and wellness coach and energy worker, I am here for it. But let’s be clear, when I say magic, I am not talking about pulling rabbits from hats or acts of levitation— but the magic of vibration, or “vibrational energy magic.” 

Say what now?

According to Healthline, human molecules “vibrate at different rates — and those rates can speed up or slow down if conditions around the molecules change.” Things like temperature, even your mood and actions can alter the speed of a molecule’s vibration. Just one anxious thought, for example, can produce stress hormones, increase your heart rate, and alter your vibrational frequency. 

It’s when all of our molecule’s vibrations are balanced that the magic really happens. Proponents for vibrational energy believe that “you may be able to change your body’s vibrations to alter your mood, improve your physical health, and help you achieve your goals and intentions.”

To reach those benefits, we lean on the power of magic.

Magic lives in rituals. A ritual will often involve mystical tools— items utilized in ancient forms of healing like crystals, herbs, oils, oracle cards, and smudge products. Think of performing energy magic like tuning into an unclear radio station. By utilizing the magical tools at our disposal, we can tune into our inner selves and become clearer on who we are and who we want to be. 

Crystals, for example, can clear, charge or build your energy on a day you’re just feeling a bit “off.” They can help manage stress, create relaxation, spark motivation, and even increase  stamina— each color has a unique energy enhancing property to affect your mood.

Check out these rainbow color characteristics:

  • Red Crystals – Security/Vitality

  • Orange Crystals – Happiness/Creativity

  • Yellow Crystals – Courage/Confidence

  • Green Crystals – Gratitude/Compassion
  • Blue Crystals – Peace/Calm

  • Indigo Crystals – Insight/Purpose

  • Violet Crystals – Enlightenment/Higher Consciousness

To perform a crystal ritual after a stressful day, start by selecting your desired crystal color. Hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand. Place the undesired thought, worry, or fear into the stone by simply stating your desire to dissolve that feeling. That statement is usually enough to raise your energy levels and clear your negative feelings, however, you may need to sit with it for a while, re-state your intentions and breathe. 

After a few breathing cycles, you may notice that the crystal picks up the unwanted vibration, allowing you to bring yourself into a better state of balance.  Once you feel balanced, place the crystal back into an area only you have access to, then charge it with sunlight before using it again.

Another way to utilize the power of crystals is as simple as strategically placing them around your home. By placing crystals in window sills, doorways, living areas and bedrooms, you can create an energetic super highway— a series of energy enhancers reminding you of what you are manifesting in life! 

When placed in a workspace like your home office or desk, crystals become a sort of work companion, there to give you a pat on the back, or even a kick in the pants when you need it! Try writing a dream on a piece of paper and place it under a crystal. Or, carry a designated stone with you when traveling or running errands. Just remember to recharge your crystal frequently for the sake of the ritual.

Often, people find themselves “drawn to” spiritual tools like crystals, but, just like an unknown destination, they need a road map to reach them. By bridging the gap between the mystical and the practical, we can discover how to apply magical tools in our everyday lives… while still having faith in religion. 

Religion and spirituality are closely linked; however, spirituality lives uniquely inside each individual. It can deepen your connection to your inner self as well as any higher beings you identify with. Vibrational energy magic can radically enhance a spiritual experience while lifting your consciousness to fully live out your dreams— that’s when energy magic becomes a whole vibe!

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