Aspiring Women Writers!

Aspiring Women Writers!

📷 : @thejournallife
📷 : @thejournallife

By: Jacqueline Stewart

Research shows that the percentage of women authors and writers varies from a minimum of 18.47% to a maximum of 27.38%. This information tells us that there is still only a small number of women who have been brave enough to write their stories. These percentages can increase by women from all cultures and backgrounds who aspire to write in some form or fashion. In doing so our voices, dreams, desires and fantasies are elevated, heard, known and seen.

Maybe you have a story leaping around in your mind, but you have yet to find the courage to put it on paper and out into the world. Maybe you have small concepts dancing around in your heart, and you feel stuck in allowing them to flow. I want to encourage you to cast your fears aside and clothe yourself with confidence. Be willing to share your masterful words of art with your audience. Know that you have what it takes. The universe is rooting for you while your destined crowd is waiting to support you.

Yeah, I know that when doubt creeps in sometimes we need a little push, so consider this YOUR push. 

Join Jacqueline Stewart with other aspiring women writers to learn how to transition your story idea/s to an outline that will help you on your writing journey.

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  1. I am a survivor of domestic violence and published my journal “Why Doesn’t She Just Leave?” by “Lisa Moss” (I used a pen name because I was afraid of my ex-). I agree that women need to write their truths!

    1. I too am a survivor of domestic abuse. I’ve always thought of telling my story but afraid it would come between me and my son’s relationship. He’s 28now. We left his father when he was 2. He poisoned my son with all these horrible things about me all his life and when he turned 14 he was doing poorly in school and punching holes in the walls. I had lost control of him. His dad had fought me for custody all these years and the judge agreed with him bc he was scared for my wellbeing. Things are better now for me and my son but we rarely speak of the past. He lives in Fl. I live in KY. He still cares for his father but recognizes he did/said things he shouldn’t have in raising him. I tried but admit I wasn’t the perfect single parent either. His father drilled it in his head, I kept them from having a relationshiop. He lived 3 states away and I never kept him from his weekend visit once a month,summer &1 week Christmas break. Even though that meant for 3 years before he was in school,me and someone(mom,dad,sister,friend,cousin,I was afraid to meet him alone in St.Louis,MO downtown) went with me to be there for support, driving,safety. I didn’t trust him. Still don’t. 14 hours round trip one weekend to drop my son off then 14 hours next weekend to pick him up. So per court orders, I did what I was supposed to do always!! That’s why when he called local county police and state police on me all hours of the night for 13 years I never got in trouble bc I did the right thing. I would never do anything to mess my and my son’s relationship up but sometimes even after 30 years I have a nightmare about him or something triggers a memory usually all bad, I feel and remember every second and altercation I had with him just as if it just happened. He told my child secrets I had told my husband in confidence. When my son was 6 or 7 yrs old, coming home from a visit with his dad saying mommy daddy said you used to have sex with …… guys when you were in high school and college. No child at that age should be put in the position to have to ask what sex was that his mommy was doing with other men. SMH. I keep saying I have enough stories to write a book. Problem is they are not stories. They were my life. IDK. You are so brave to put pen to paper and get your story out there. I keep saying if it could help one girl get away from a narcissistic relationship then I would be glad I did it. Maybe someday.