Meet our Hosts

Ciera Parks

Ciera specializes in working with women and under-represented populations. She coaches those that are passionate about their future to identify and reach their full career potential by maximizing their own unique talents.

Cindy Connors

Cindy Connors is a certified life coach and Emmy Award-winning television producer. Her work has been seen on HGTV, ABC, Discovery, and more. Her passion is helping people tell their story, find their voice, and tap into their creativity.

Isha Casagrande

Fashion, food, fitness, and faith are four words that stylist Isha Casagrande lives by. The “Real Woman’s” stylist, Isha has 20 years of experience and says there is no better thrill than getting confident selfies from women who, for the first time in their lives feel, beautiful.

Lucee Cesena

Lucee Cesena is an accomplished entrepreneur and the owner of Nobility Consulting Services, a full-service company that specializes in corporate services as well as modern marketing and social media services. She is also an acting and hosting professional.

Taiia Smart Young

Taiia is a writer, editor, author, content creator, and Director of Content for Smart Girl Media. She teaches aspiring authors how to use their experience and expertise to write and self-publish short, but powerful books that create influence, impact, and income.

Laura Villegas

Self-taught baker Laura Villegas was born in a small town in Venezuela. Her love of family is at the core of all that she does. She created the Sugary Times Bakery as a way to fulfill her passion for baking while spending time with her family. Sugar Times Bakery creates
a variety of baked and decorated desserts, for any occasion, and ships throughout the continental United States.

Stephanie Jones

An energetic and “glass half full” personal trainer and massage therapist. She loves to laugh and encourage women to get back to taking time out for themselves, starting with their personal health and wellness. Since there’s no cookie cutter way to
be successful at this healthier living thing, Stephanie encourages women to find what works for them and WORK IT.