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12 Modern Slang Words To Keep You Sounding Hip

To prevent these verbal kerfuffles, use our list of 12 current slang words (and their translations) to sound hip— no, on fleek— around your kids. 

  1. OG — While older generations might translate this term to “original gangster”, today, OG has less to do with Al Capone and more to do with someone who’s original or old school. 
  2. Hack — A“hack” is a clever solution to something, kind of like these cookie-baking tips. Think MacGyver!
  3. Boujee — Popularized in the Migos song, being “boujee” refers to having well-earned luxuries. The spelling “bougie” has a more negative connotation similar to “yuppy,” although both spellings are short for “Bourgeoisie.”
  4. Fire — Don’t stop, drop and roll; “fire” means “really good.” An old-slang equivalent would be “groovy.”
  5. GOAT — An acronym that stands for the “Greatest Of All Time.”  
  6. Tea — Deriving from the ‘80s and ‘90s ball culture, “the tea” today means what “the skinny” meant back then — hot gossip.
  7. No Cap — When you hear “no cap”, don’t go looking around for a lid. Similar to “word from the bird”, “no cap” means “seriously” or “no lie.”
  8. Troll — Trolls don’t just hide under bridges. “Trolling” means trying to get a rise out of someone, often online. 
  9. Salty — If you’re angry, bitter or jealous, then you’re what Gen-Zers would call “salty.”
  10. On Fleek — Originally coined in a vine video by Kayla Newman, this one means “on point” or perfectly executed.
  11. Stan — No longer just a boy’s name, “stan” is a combination of stalker and fan. It was coined by Eminem in 2000 and is now officially in the dictionary. 
  12. Slay — Slay doesn’t just mean to kill, now it means to “kill it”, or do something spectacularly well.